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Plan Sponsors

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As a plan sponsor, you have many demanding challenges competing for your attention. A GradePoint Financial Advisors work with retirement plans every day, and they will help save you time and effort. Our Advisors bring the experience and tools that deliver value, help seek to improve participant outcomes, and help manage your fiduciary risks.

When you partner with a GradePoint Financial Advisor, we work together to create an optimal, tailored plan configuration, helping you provide a customized fit for your employees

Let us Help You

Benchmark your Plan

Compare your retirement plan to other similar plans to find areas where you may have the opportunity to improve on.  Are you paying too much?  Are your investments performing as they should? Are you getting the services you are being charged for?  We can help  you answer these questions and many others.

Understand you fiduciary responsibilities.

Individuals in your organization (maybe you) have personal liability for the assets in your employer-sponsored retirement plan.  Let us help you understand those responsibilities and the necessary tasks to fulfill them.

Create an exceptional employee experience

GradePoint Financial excels in helping employees plan for their retirement.  We offer seminars, webinars, other web-based learnings as well as financial planning to help employees be ready for their retirement.  We can meet locally, through web-based tools, or over the phone to answer anything from simple questions to complex planning needs.

Measure the impact to your employees

Our advisors focus on improving key plan health metrics so that you can feel confident that you are offering your employees a plan that is helping them prepare for their retirement.  We measure and report on key metrics that point to how employees are using their retirement benefit.  Some of those metrics are:  Participation, Contribution Rates, Engagement (both advisor and web), financial planning, and key client experience points.

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